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Ebusiness for beginners is a St Petersburg, FL based internet marketing firm focusing on enriching electronic business novices with resources certain to help each investor maximize ROI.

Daniel St-Pierre - Founder of the Ebusiness for Beginners Program
Daniel St.Pierre
Founded in 2004, ebusiness for beginners is a result of more than 20 years marketing research and development and the brain child of Daniel St.Pierre, an established online marketing expert currently involved with clients in the United-States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Native of Montreal, Canada, Daniel truly defines the essence of ebusiness for beginners and fulfillment of his American dream. More than a marketing expert, Daniel St.Pierre is the father of three wonderful daughters and husband to a devoted wife Elizabeth. Daniel is also a Christian ministry leader (see www.thrivethroughchrist.com). 

By age 31, Daniel successfully prospered as president of the largest Canadian internet direct electronic mail organization reaching as many as 5 million customers per day achieving ratios that remain unmatched to this day.

Daniel St.Pierre created, marketed and currently heads ebusiness for beginners, a company host to more than 1,150 members, and our "web exposure" now tallies upwards of 1.2 Million web pages distributed over PR4-PR8 Google ranked domain names. Our combined web properties are host to more than 3 Million unique visitors each month. (January 15, 2011)

Internet success has allowed Daniel to become an award winning stock and wedding photojournalist serving discerning clients in the United-States, Canada and Europe (seewww.danielsaintpierre.com and www.christianphotographer.com ).

Daniel is sole or part owner of numerous online properties including but not limited to:

> The National Motivation Network (www.nationalmotivationnetwork.com)
> Biblical Cooking (www.biblicalcooking.com)
> The Cybergenica Company (www.cybergenica.com)
> The Ponce Foundation (www.poncefoundation.com)
> Ross Fitness (www.ross-fitness.com)
> The Central Florida Chronicle (www.centralfloridachronicle.com)
> The Glorious Media Group (www.gloriousmediagroup.com )